The Difference Between Angle Steel And Angle Iron

2018-08-16 17:12

Angle steel, commonly known as Angle iron, is perpendicular to both sides into the shape of the Angle of long steel.There are equal angles and unequal angles.Two sides of an equilateral Angle are of equal width.Its specifications are expressed in millimeters of side width × side width × side thickness.For example, "Angle 30×30×3" means an equal-sided Angle with a side width of 30mm and a side thickness of 3mm.It can also be represented by the measure number, which is the centimeter side width, as in Angle 3 #.The model does not represent the dimensions with different side thickness in the same model. Therefore, the dimensions of Angle steel's side width and side thickness should be filled in completely in the documents such as the contract, so as to avoid using the model alone.The specification of hot rolled equilateral Angle is 2 # -20 #
3. The chemical composition of Angle steel belongs to rolled steel series for general structure. The main inspection indexes are C, Mn, P and S.According to the different grades, the content varies, and the general range is C < 0.22%, Mn: 0.30-0.65%, P < 0.060%, S < 0.060%.
Angle steel is a kind of carbon structural steel for construction, is a kind of simple steel, mainly used for metal components and plant structure.It is required to have good weldability, plastic deformation function and certain mechanical strength.The blank used for Angle steel production is low carbon square billet, and the finished Angle steel is delivered under hot rolling, normalizing or hot rolling condition.
Five, Angle steel commonly known as Angle iron, its section is a long steel, both ends of each other straight.Angle can be divided into equal Angle and unequal Angle.The same length of both straight sides is equal Angle, while the long side and the short side are equal Angle.Specification is indicated by edge width × edge width × edge thickness mm.